We install any compatible new or upgrade software title that you choose, including any available updates. The price listed is per licensed software title per individual PC or laptop.

Price: $39.

Is your PC or laptop functional but not performing like it used to? Recommended at least once a year, proper maintenance on your PC or laptop is critical in order to prevent unnecessary larger problems down the road. For one low price, we keep your PC or laptop running smoothly by optimizing your system for faster performance. We perform necessary maintenance steps for your PC or laptop, including hard drive diagnostics/defragmentation and installation of Microsoft Windows critical and security updates. A free malware scan is included with this service to ensure that your computer is completely clean and free of malware infections. We also check your PC or laptop for problems and will advise you on the best course of action for repair if problems are found.To help keep your computer protected from most virus threats, we also include installation or configuration of antivirus software at no additional cost to you.

Price: $59.

PC/Laptop Setup

Software Installation

Computer Diagnostic

When you contact us for computer or network services for your home, we provide you with up-front pricing; there are no surprises when the bill comes. All prices listed for our residential services are flat-rate prices. This means that the price that you see for each individual service is the price that you pay, regardless of how long it takes for the service to be completed to your absolute satisfaction. That's the InControl Technical, LLC advantage.

Computer Diagnostic & Repair

Q: What is flat-rate pricing?

Operating System Installation

A Technical Advisor performs a series of tests and diagnostic procedures in order to determine the root cause of the computer problem that you are experiencing. Once the cause of the problem has been determined and documented, we advise you on the best course of action for repair.

Price: $49.

This service is for the complete setup of a PC or laptop, including monitor, keyboard, mouse, power options, and related cabling - properly dressed and bundled. We install and configure all included system software and connect your new system to the Internet, provided that there is an existing connection (DSL, cable, etc.).Once the entire system setup is complete, we test to ensure that all components are fully functional. Please refer to our Hardware Installation service for installing additional hardware components.

Price:  $79.

Computer Services

A Technical Advisor installs the version of Microsoft Windows that is appropriate for your computer. Included with this service is installation of required hardware drivers following the operating system installation. All available Microsoft Windows critical and security updates will be installed so that your new operating system installation is completely up-to-date and secure. To help keep your system protected, we will also include installation or configuration of antivirus software at no additional cost. New installations, re-installations, or upgrades.

Price: $99.

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We completely diagnose and repair any computer problems that cause system performance issues, operating system errors, crashes, or any other symptoms that you are experiencing with your PC or laptop.

Price: $129.

System Maintenance & Optimization

We install new internal or external hardware compatible with your system along with associated software drivers and programs. The price listed is per hardware component installation. Examples include: system memory, video card, wireless printer, etc.

Price:  $59.

Hardware Installation